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North American Journal of Psychology

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There currently is a paucity of research examining Latinos immigrants in the workforce and the role of occupational and economic stress on worker outcomes. Recent research supports a positive psychological approach to understanding stress and coping. Proactive coping, social support, and optimism are part of this trend and have been shown to buffer against the deleterious effects of stress-related emotional exhaustion. This research examined the relationships of occupational and economic stress with emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. Additionally, analyses examined the ability of positive psychological resources to buffer the effects of stress in 133 Latino immigrants working in low-wage positions for a Southern California restaurant chain. Path analyses found emotional exhaustion mediated the relationships between stress and job outcomes. Positive coping resources showed significant main effects on emotional exhaustion, but failed to moderate the relationship. Results suggest that stressors affecting immigrants can lead to emotional exhaustion impacting work-related outcomes. Further, individuals with greater positive psychological resources may be more resilient to the effects of stress.