Finding Grit: The No-Nonsense Guide for Raising Your Daughter to Be Successful in Athletics, School, and Life

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Dr. Don Martin has been a counselor educator, psychologist, and coun-selor for over 30 years. Don has received the distinguished professor award for his research three times at Youngstown State University. He directs the nationally ranked urban school counseling program there and is a neuro-psychologist and consultant to several hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in Ohio. Don is an active researcher with over 80 professional journal articles, several assessment instruments and nine books. His research has been featured on numerous social media sites including NPR, USA Today, popular magazines and television outlets. Dr. Martin was raised in New York and attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens. He received his undergraduate degree from Roanoke College, his master’s degree from Radford University and his Ph.D. degree from the University of North Texas. Dr. Martin has received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the De-partment of Counseling and Human Development at the University of North Texas as well as the Outstanding Research Award from the Ohio Counseling Association and both Western Illinois and Youngstown State Universities. Currently, Dr. Martin’s research has been focused on athletic achieve-ment in girls, childhood obesity, and social and academic achievement in urban schools. In addition to his over 30 years of private practice in psychology, Dr. Martin’s extensive academic experience includes being a Dean of Academic and Student Services, Associate Dean of Teacher Education and Human Services, Director of a Psychology Doctoral Program, Chairperson, and Professor of Psychology and Counseling. He has helped several programs receive national accreditation and was Chairperson when Youngstown State University received the Robert Frank Award as the Outstanding Counselor Education Program in the United States. Throughout his career, Dr. Martin has collaborated in his research and practice with Dr. Magy Martin, his wife and a faculty member in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at Walden University. Magy has extensive experience in the public schools as a reading teacher, principal and associate superintendent for over 20 years. (review from amazon.com)