Electromagnetic Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences: A Preliminary Report on a Series of Studies Currently Under Way

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Journal of Transpersonal Research

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Reported near-death experiences (NDEs) have been associated with various extraordinary phenomena, including profound psychological, physiological, and spiritual aftereffects. One specific phenomenon involves electromagnetic aftereffects (EMEs) where technological and electrical equipment malfunctions for no apparent reason. This qualitative pilot study explored EMEs in those reporting NDEs. Ten NDErs were screened with the Near-Death Experience Scale (NDE Scale), and administered the Electromagnetic Effect Questionnaire (EMEQ) to assess EME depth and the Electromagnetic Phenomena Questionnaire (EPQ) to explore the phenomenological experience of EMEs. EME rates found among these NDErs (70%) were congruent with rates reported in previous studies. A preliminary analysis of a second study that is currently under way is also overviewed, highlighting that of 136 NDErs, 71% are reporting EMEs. While quantitative data have not been formally analyzed yet, three case studies are highlighted, and differences between NDErs with and without EMEs are explored.