Counseling in the Periphery of Queer Discourse: Transgender Children, Adolescents, Women and Men

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Book Chapter

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In M. Kocet (Ed.), Counseling gay men, adolescents and boys: A strengths based guide for helping professionals and educators (pp. 178-193). New York, NY: Routledge.


Counseling Gay Men, Adolescents, & Boys: A Strengths-Based Guide for Helping Professionals and Educators provides practitioners and educators with critical information needed to help navigate the therapeutic and educational terrain of working with gay males. While other books address a broad range of issues when working with LGBTQ individuals, this volume devotes its focus to the specific needs of gay boys, adolescents, and men. This book also presents an important perspective about individuals who identify as bisexual and transgender, and examines the intersection between gender and sexual orientation. Readers will find practical resources, tools, and clinical case studies for mental health practitioners, professionals in school settings, educators, administrators, and medical personnel serving gay males.