Generation Cohort Differences in Male and Female Use of Tactics to Gain Sex from an Unwilling Partner

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Journal of Sexual Aggression

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Findings of increased prevalence of sexual aggression perpetrated by women against men suggest generational changes in the script governing sexual behaviour following a partner’s refusal. Gender differences in sexual aggression and post-refusal sexual persistence (PRSP) prevalence observed among the Millennial generation cohort were compared with those obtained from a combined Generation X and Baby Boom cohort. An online sample (N = 499) completed the Post-Refusal Sexual Persistence Gender-Neutral scale. Among the older cohort, men were significantly more likely than women to report sexual aggression and PRSP tactic usage, but among the Millennial cohort, gender differences in the prevalence of these behaviours did not reach significance. Equal portions of Millennial and older generation men used arousal PRSP tactics (45%), but Millennial women had a higher rate (36.79%) than older generation women (16.95%). The findings suggest that Millennial men and women are adopting a shared set of post-sexual refusal conventions.