CBEN's quality framework: A case study in its application to CBE curriculum quality standards at Walden University

Lisa McIntry-Hite
Martha Cheney, Walden University
Sandra Weinstein Bever
Linda J. Mast, Walden University
Alexander R. Hapka, Walden University


With the development of the Competency‐Based Education Network's Quality Framework for Competency‐Based Education Programs, institutions offering CBE programs have the ability to evaluate the quality of their programs using a common framework. For faculty and instructional designers working to develop CBE programs in particular, an institution‐specific set of quality indicators tailored to its own curriculum structure can help guide development and ensure quality of the curriculum offered to students. This article presents Walden University's curriculum quality indicators used to guide the development of high‐quality CBE curriculum. The indicators are informed by CBEN's Quality framework and may be helpful to other institutions developing CBE programs in an effort to establish, measure, and maintain quality of CBE curriculum.