Traditional Teaching and its Effect on Research-Based Teaching: Science via Online Instruction

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Book Chapter

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Cases on Research-Based Teaching Methods in Science Education

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Chapter 14

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Land-based institutions that use traditional teaching methods have very well documented methods for providing students with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge for becoming extremely productive scientists in different research areas that are traditional (chemistry, biology, and microbiology) and interdisciplinary (biochemistry, bioinformatics, and computational chemistry) in nature, and they have very few problems when transitioning into any research environment. However, online institutions do not have a well-documented history of students transitioning into land-based institution or research intensive environments. Within this case study, the authors express ways to help meet the needs of the students and educate students in becoming better scientists who have been educated in online institutions by using methods from land-based institutions and implementing other forms of technology into the classroom. The authors explore instruction, knowledge, and experience, and suggest how online science instruction can be supplemented with experience and technology that can increase their experience and knowledge to allow them to become better scientists.