Exploring the Impact of an Interprofessional Care Protocol on the Patient Experience and Outcomes for Seniors with Diabetes

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Patient Experience Journal

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Contemporary healthcare has placed intensified focus on the patient experience. Ultimately the patient experience is influenced by relationships with healthcare providers. In order to make a positive impact on patient outcomes and quality of care, the patient experience must be positive. Interprofessional collaboration is recognized as a key aspect of a culture that fosters patient-centered care and a positive patient experience. This quasi-experimental study explores the impact of interprofessional collaboration to develop a preventive services care protocol for seniors with diabetes. Patients were studied over six months using pre-test and post-test measures. Both quantitative data from clinical outcomes and qualitative data from the Diabetes Quality of Life Questionnaire are used to explore the impact of an interprofessional care protocol on the patient experience for seniors with diabetes. Results of the study, while not conclusive, suggest that significant improvements in blood glucose levels and aspects of quality of life, such as perceptions of being able to manage self care and reported feeling ill less often, were realized after receiving services that followed the interprofessional protocol. The study offers insights into the importance of interprofessional collaboration as a factor that can enhance the patient experience and presents a continuing education model to facilitate interprofessional collaboration within the healthcare workforce setting.