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Winter 12-11-2021

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Nepalese Journal of Management Science and Research

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This study focuses on bloackchain as an emerging technology regarding its use to restructure the systems and advance education upon quality outcomes. What are the benefits of integrating blockchain in education concerning system reformation and advancement in developing better educational process for all encompassing learning outcomes? With the recent developments of blockchain applications across multiple domains, the education industry seems to be benefited from this technology in considerable degree. Transcripts and certificates play a vital role in individual’s life so it needs to be stored in tamper-proof and long term available ledger. In pursuant to addressing afore stated question, this study bring information regarding what blockchain technology is, how it functions and what its uses if it comes to integrate with education at different levels. This may include reviewing the conceptual/knowledge bases, research and development studies and sources that introduce blcokchain including its features but with special highlight on how it has been integrated in the education sector especially in innovative situation.
To this end, this study was designed to provide a systematic review of all the literature focused on decentralized ledger technology. Multiple sources were reviewed following a systematic
pattern that allows selection of relevant sources, sort out information being guided by the research question and make final selection of required information that connects with what and how of Blockchain in education.

Keywords: Blockchain, Education, Ledgers, Certificate, Decentralized technology