Investigators Reflections on the Process and Experience of a Mini-Ethnographic Case Study Research in Nigeria

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The Qualitative Report

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the investigator's reflections, both prospective and retrospective, on the process and experience of conducting a mini-ethnographic case study research in Nigeria. The research titled “Exploring barriers to women entrepreneurs in Enugu State Nigeria” was written to add to the body of knowledge on barriers facing some small-scale women entrepreneurs in the marketplaces in Nigeria. A mini-ethnographic case study design was used for this study, this methodology is a combination of ethnography and case study research that can assist a researcher to gain an in-depth understanding of a phenomenon. The data collection methods used for this study included open-ended semi-structured interviews, direct observation, reflective journaling, and field notes. Reflection enables investigators to engage in self-analysis throughout the research process. Reflections and experiences in the three marketplaces where the research took place, including interactions with the gatekeepers as well as the women entrepreneurs who shared their lived experiences, will be discussed.