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Summer 6-1-2019



Individuals in top management positions often have conflicting interpretations concerning the authoritative qualities that align with the intrinsic and external relations of an organization. Although, researchers may still debate about the extent to which athletic development personality factors are important internal components of an individual. The purpose of this correlational study was to determine if athletic development personality factors correlate with decision making at the executive leadership level. The research questions focused on determining if there was a relationship between athletic development personality factors and decision making. Social exchange theory, social representations theory, and leadership theories comprised the theoretical framework. Participants included 124 executive decision-makers from the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, and Singapore who completed an online survey measuring self-assessed athletic development personality factors. The resulting 3 variable model was significant; focus, ethicalness, and leadershipfound decision making scores to be higher for respondents with highest scores for focus personality (β = .43, p = .001) and ethicalness personality (β = .28, p = .001) and leadership personality (β = .21, p = .001) significantly contributed to the model.

Keywords: Athletic Development, Decision making, Leadership Development, Organizational Change, Personality Factors, Social Exchange Theory