Meeting Real Work Demands of the Global Economy

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Journal of Management

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The purpose of this case study is to explore the employer's perspective on the job skills required for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based jobs. A corporate perspective is used to construct a framework for understanding the skills that affect new college graduates. A case study method is adopted involving purposeful sampling strategy of Aerospace & Defense Industry (A & D) organizations, from the Deloitte Toche Tohmatso Limited (DTTL) 2014 Global A& D sector financial performance study. The study provides a framework for meeting real world demands and presents a model that will identify key factors in the terms of skills required for the college graduates. The model of key factors from the A & D industry will improve the alignment between employer's requirements and high-wage, highdemand jobs. The study will help fill the gap on employer's expectations and necessary skills required to compete in the global economy. By propelling change in the way that universities help prepare their graduates with the necessary skills, will ensure an enduring impact on the workforce. College graduates that develop their skills, enjoy a competitive advantage over other graduates.