Effective Motivation and Communication Strategies for Faculty in Higher Education: Blurring the Lines Between Business and Academia

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Book Chapter

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The Refractive Thinker Volume viii: Effective Business Practices for Motivation and Communication. The Refractive Thinker Press

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Chapter 7


A primary goal of higher education, regardless of modality, is for faculty to find effective methods to connect with students to facilitate productive learning. The age old challenge is the question of how. Many new teaching strategies for adult learners include the use of emerging technologies; the integration of blogs and videos into classwork is one such increasingly popular strategy. When students and faculty are no longer face-to-face, and when learning is often asynchronous, challenges exist for faculty to create effective learning communities in the classroom to enhance student performance, productivity, and effectiveness of learning outcomes. Thus, the purpose of this chapter is to integrate what is known regarding theories and principles of communication and motivation, and how to shorten the learning curve of faculty in higher education in their application and use in the classroom. In turn, this integration of strategy will facilitate more effective outcomes of learning by their students.