Strategic Analysis of Location: Remain or Relocate?

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The Journal of Global Business Management

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Organizations are continuously looking at options to cut costs and optimally compete with their competitors, remain close to suppliers, while operating in the country/place of consumers. While it's always a challenge to meet the needs of all factors, multinational corporations must strategically evaluate the key decision of location. Where to operate? Once we're operating, do we continue to operate here or relocate? These such questions are among the many discussed on a regular basis within key executives. Often what's overlooked is the key element of consumer trust and emotions pertaining to a company operating in the home country/state where products and/or services are consumed. Being proactive with location will end up enhancing the respect among consumers and profitability. This article aims to highlight some key strategic factors an organization should consider when locating or determining if relocation is an option, while conducting an external strategic analysis.