Factors that influence nonadherence to outpatient medical follow-up care among African Americans living with HIV/AIDS.

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The ABNF Journal

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Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) who do not adhere to their medical follow-up appointments are found to have poorer health outcomes from the disease. African Americans living with HNIAIDS tend not to adhere to their medical follow-up appointments. The Behavioral Model of Health Services Utilization adapted by Ulett et al. (2009) served as the conceptual framework to guide this study. This study examined the records of 82 African Americans living with HIV/ AIDS for predisposing, enabling, and environmental factors associated with nonadherence to medical follow-up appointments. Findings indicated that only the increased number of visits scheduled was associated with increased nonadherence. It is critical for healthcare professionals to develop culturally appropriate strategies that will engage African Americans living with HN/AIDS to adhere to their

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