Differences in learning outcomes in simulation: The observer role

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Nurse Education in Practice

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The objective of the study was to examine differences in learning outcomes, in students in the role of observer, using an observation guide and those without an observation guide during a simulation-based learning experience. The study design was quasi-experimental and included statistical analysis of variance (ANOVA) and independent t-tests to identify differences in learning outcomes. No significant improvement in knowledge, self-confidence, or collaboration was noted between baccalaureate nursing students (n = 121) using an Observation Guide (n = 62). However, students utilizing an Observation Guide were more satisfied with the Simulation-based Learning (SBL) experience (t (117) = 2.518, p = 0.013), although effect size was small (r = 0.05). Challenges such as decreases in clinical placement sites and increased student enrollment, indicate a need for improvements in implementation of SBL for student observers.