The Best of Intentions

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Book Chapter

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J. S. Wrench (Ed.), Casing organizational communication. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

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One of the biggest challenges organizational communication instructors face is that most students have minimal or no corporate experience. As such, showing students how to apply the theoretical content of organizational communication, or how to employ the skills discussed in organizational communication, is quite difficult because they do not immediately see the utility.

Casing Organizational Communication offers practical examples of a wide range of different topics.

Casing Organizational Communication:

  • Represents the culmination of a century of understanding about how students learn and apply business related concepts, skills, and theory.
  • Contains decision-based cases, or cases that require the reader to come to some kind of decision. The reader is 1) introduced to the main character; 2) introduced to others involved in the case; 3) presented with the main communication problem; and 4) prompted to come up with the decision the main character should make.
  • Guides the reader through the decision-making process.