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This study will address the difficulties young children have when are placed in overcrowded kindergarten classrooms. Creating an effective and constructive learning environment for the early childhood years must be in a positive learning climate in a school for young children. Motivation, skills and communication amongst teachers, students and parents is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement, security and trust from the responsible adults around them.

A major element that establishes a child’s learning and guides their success is the physical environment where he/she is. When teachers cannot engage their young students in learning activities, then the teaching-learning process and teacher-student communications will not prosper. This is an issue many families are fearing the worst in schools: Overcrowded classrooms. School and state officials should observe student-teacher ratio and determine if it has a relationship to the quality of teaching and student learning. If there is an impact, possible solutions to reduce overcrowded classrooms in kindergarten – 3rd grade should be contemplated.

Various researchers have proven that young children placed in overcrowded classrooms have had a decline in academic scores, less teacher-student interaction and attention, less opportunity for small group activity and concentrated attention (Anderson, 2015). This can not only affect a child’s own enjoyment of school and learning, but kindergarten readiness.