The Closed File: Practicing Ethical Communication to Ensure Transparency

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Casing Sport Communication

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Book Summary:

Casing Sport Communication applies the proven concept of active learning to undergraduate and entry-level graduate courses in sport communication.

Students engaged in case analysis learn to think, analyze, react, and evaluate so that they develop transferable critical, analytical, problem-focused skills that they can transfer to other situations in workplace settings and in life in general.

Casing Sport Communication features cases:

  • that represent a variety of scenarios that decision makers will encounter in the dynamic sport industry.
  • from a myriad of perspectives as they relate to sport. Perspectives include corporate, consumer, professional athletic organizations, nonprofit, business-to-business, and more.
  • written and created by diverse scholars and practitioners from across North America.
  • that require the reader to come to some kind of decision. It is in the case analyses that students will decide upon the best solution, and most importantly learn the reasoning process that leads to good decision making in the fast-paced sport communication world.