Evaluating Factors of Autistic Hiring through Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior: The HASSQAC Scale

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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

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This study assessed the construct validity of the Hiring Agent Survey regarding Selection of Qualified Autistic Candidates (HASSQAC) through factor and reliability analysis. Empirical evidence demonstrated the HASSQAC effectively measures Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior regarding beliefs influencing hiring selection of autistics.KMO = .831demonstrated factor analysis sample adequacy (n = 212). The Bartlett test for sphericity was significant (p < .001). The first four factors explained 57% of the variance. A principal factor analysis with a forced 3 factor extraction using varimax orthogonal rotation constructed a clear conceptual picture of the relationships between items (factor loadings > .40). The 3 factors explained over 50% of the variance among the 45 items. Reliability analysis demonstrated significant Cronbach’s alpha (control = .923; normative = .846; behavioral = .901). Analysis of the 45-item scale demonstrated all but four factors were convergent with prior findings.