Returning to Solvency Through Quality Improvement

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International Journal of Applied Management and Technology

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The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore quality improvement strategies senior manufacturing production managers use to reduce Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) to increase profit. The participants for this study were production managers within a manufacturing company located in the southeastern region of the United States who successfully developed and implemented strategies to lower COPQ to increase profitability. Six major themes emerged from the study: continuous improvement, quality assurance, employees as agents of quality improvement, communication between stakeholders, holding all firm members accountable for quality, and training. Manufacturing managers can use these strategies to lower COPQ and increase profits, which could result in enhancing other organizations’ financial performance. Findings from this study may enable manufacturing managers to improve organizational performance when continuous quality improvement processes are implemented throughout the manufacturing process and senior leaders champion lessons learned, support the training program approach, and implement a quality assurance program that empowers frontline employees as agents of quality throughout the manufacturing process.