Instructional strategies: Teaching nursing in today's diverse and inclusive landscape

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Teaching and Learning in Nursing

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In today's university and college programs, it is crucial for nurse educators to value and embrace diversity and inclusion. Positive student learning outcomes result when all learners are valued, respected, and appreciated. Therefore, faculty training on the importance of diversity and inclusion and the use of evidence-based instructional strategies in the classroom setting is vital towards encompassing a learning environment that embraces diversity and inclusion for all. Additionally, faculty training that incorporates self-reflection with the purpose of gaining insight into one's cultural views and upbringing, is valuable to identifying any potential biases. This article benefits nurse educators at all program degree levels and settings as it provides insight into creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Furthermore, aids in discovery of own potential stereotypes and biases, and equips educators with evidence-based strategies to manage, foster, and promote optimal learning environments for all students.