A Quantitative Correlational Study on Diversity Management, Career Planning, and Career Advancement for Women Authors

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Journal of Business Diversity

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Gender disparity is a pervasive problem in the United States automotive industry particularly in critical decision-making positions where male employees dominate the field. Three significant issues were addressed in this study: Diversity management, career planning, and women’s career advancement. The quantitative correlational study investigated how diversity management and career planning are related to women’s advancement in the US automotive industry to improve the representation of women in management and senior-level positions. The gender gap in management was examined through the organizational justice theory and grounded by the glass ceiling metaphor. Ninety-two full-time employees from an automotive company in Atlanta participated through Survey Monkey. Perceived Facilitators to Career Advancement Scales, the Perceived Barriers to Career Advancement Scales, and the Job Descriptive Index Scales were analyzed using multiple regression. The research questions addressed the individual and combined relationship between diversity management and career planning to career advancement.