What Is Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Fundamentals of Applied Practice

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Experienced counselors guide students toward embracing the profession and developing a standard of excellence in the practice of mental health counseling.

In this authoritative new text, students get a foundation in the theory and practice of clinical mental health counseling from experienced counselors. The materials are organized in order to match students' developmental understanding of the profession, and divided into three sections providing an introduction, a look at the practice, and contemporary trends in clinical mental health counseling. Each chapter is designed to meet learning outcomes associated with the 2009 accreditation standards established by the Council for Accreditation of counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The learning outcomes are based on general core areas of the CACREP standards and those related to the specialization of Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

The underlying emphasis is on clinical mental health counseling as a specialized helping profession. The book’s theme stresses the need to prepare mental health counselors to provide quality services in a variety of settings, and demonstrates that while many different professionals provide mental health services, mental health counselors have the training, knowledge and expertise necessary to treat a broad range of mental health issues.