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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Susan J. Hayden


AbstractDiabetes mellitus (DM) is a recognized cognitive impairment risk factor. Even with hyperglycemia being a modifiable risk factor in dementia, primary care is without an evidence-based screening tool to screen patients with diabetes for cognitive abilities. Current literature supports developing an evidence-based standardized guideline for early screening for cognitive impairment in elderly patients with DM. The purpose of this doctor of nursing practice (DNP) clinical practice guideline (CPG) project was to develop an evidence-based CPG for early screening of dementia in patients with DM, providing a means for early recognition of cognitive decline in these patients, making early intervention more likely to occur. The model informing this DNP CPG project was the Leavell and Clark levels of prevention; the AGREE II tool was used to develop and evaluate the CPG. Five content experts were asked to evaluate the newly developed CPG. The newly developed CPG satisfied all 23 items of the AGREE II tool with the expert panel concluding that the guidelines would enhance patient outcomes. The CPG is an innovative approach that combines recommendations and emerging guidelines to provide early dementia screening in DM. This guideline can improve practice and create a culture that embraces improvement in quality care. This newly developed CPG contributes to social change by addressing a severe problem in a vulnerable population, improving patient outcomes and quality of life. The CPG is appropriate for use in similar settings caring for patients with DM as hyperglycemia is common in this population and a risk factor for dementia.

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