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Robert E. Haussmann


Information technology (IT) employees of small business organizations have been the driving force for the implementation of innovative standardized IT service management and process improvement initiatives. Competitiveness amongst small business IT organizations in the market for quality IT service delivery led small business IT leaders toward the implementation of an information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) as an IT service management framework. The problem addressed in this research encompassed the needs of small business IT leaders and ITIL designers to understand the perceptions of IT operation employees following ITIL implementation. The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to explore perceptions of job performance and job-related changes experienced by small business IT operation employees following ITIL operation implementation. The conceptual framework for this study was job performance theory. Data were collected from interviews and documents provided by 13 small business IT employees working in 6 companies in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Findings from the content analysis of data included job performance and job-related experiences of small business IT operations support employees following the implementation of ITIL. The 4 major emergent themes pertained to leadership support, preparation and training, a patient ITIL-oriented culture, and focus on embracing continuous process improvements initiatives. Results of this study can be useful to small business IT leaders and ITIL designers to enhance small business value and performance, which can lead to greater employee and customer satisfaction thereby positive social change by improving the quality of life in general of employees and consumers.