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Donna J. Bailey


AbstractResearchers from several disciplines concluded that deep engagement in an organization is critical to its success. However, little is known about a nursing faculty’s engagement experiences with high-fidelity simulation (HFS), which could establish the critical link between deep engagement and HFS’ successful integration in nursing programs. Grounded in the alternative model of engagement in learning, bridging this knowledge gap was the purpose of this study. The research question of this phenomenological study explored the nursing faculty’s perceived level of engagement with their HFS experiences. A purposeful sampling of 10 nursing faculty were interviewed using semistructured interview process. Van Kaam’s interpretative, phenomenological approach guided data analysis. The final themes were: (a) evolving engagement, (b) emotional response, (c) varying levels of engagement, and (d) pedagogical engagement. According to the findings, it is critical that nursing faculty be fully invested in simulation practice for simulation to be successfully integrated in nursing programs. Results from this study will inform simulation experts in revising existing simulation training programs and include initiatives supporting faculty’s full assimilation in their simulation role. Such use of these data would positively impact social change by providing the community with a well prepared and equipped future nursing workforce, through effectively delivered simulation-based education by a nursing faculty who are deeply engaged in the HFS process.