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Criminal Justice


Michael Klemp-North


Racial profiling is a trending topic today against the Black community. In contrast, there is little to no literature referencing racial profiling against Hispanic males. This paper discusses racial profiling against Hispanic males in Northern Virginia. The purpose of this study was to understand the relationship between local law enforcement in Northern Virginia and the Hispanic community. I implemented a conceptual framework with a focus on the critical race theory using a qualitative approach. This study identified the relationship make up between the police and the Hispanic community, how they interacted, and if the Critical Race Theory was present. The study had 6 participants who were police officers from the same organization. There were 3 themes identified from the results: Minorities are limited in prosperity due to institutional and government racism, creating tensions in between the police and Hispanic community; mistrust between the police and the Hispanic community exist due to immigration enforcement by the government; and the police profession is not held to a higher standard by the government, ultimately resulting in racial profiling. This study will effect positive social change for the Hispanic community by establishing recommendations to combat racial profiling against Hispanic males.