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Nikunja K. Swain


The general problem addressed in this study was the treatment of older workers in the information technology industry that contributes to age discrimination in the workplace. Age discrimination is against the law irrespective of whether it is aimed at older workers in the workforce or becoming job candidates at an advanced age. Although previous research has shown that age discrimination is prevalent in work environments, little has been suggested to eradicate the issue in the workplace. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to investigate the issue of age discrimination as it relates to workers over the age of 50 working in the information technology industry. The conceptual framework of this study was based on the age discrimination theory introduced by noted gerontologist, Robert Butler. Using this theory, this study examined the issue of age discrimination in the workplace and the impact that technological advances have on older workers as it relates to equal opportunities for training and growth. Data were collected from 39 participants using open-ended questions via an online survey and were analyzed via hand coding. Four themes were identified from the received data from the participants. The findings of the study showed that age discrimination against older workers in the information technology industry within a healthcare organization does indeed exist. Results from this study may help to promote social change by educating leadership and management on the policies and laws that regulate discrimination in organizations and encouraging the leaders and managers to implement equal opportunities for all employees and support their career plans, regardless of age.