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Public Policy and Administration


Mark Starik


Human Resource Management Departments (HRMDs) drive organizational change by implementing effective and efficient policies. This study explored staff perceptions in Ghana's Nursing and Midwifery Council (N&MC), a public-service institution, regarding the extent to which their HRMD could stimulate change by implementing the Human Resource Management Policy Framework and Manual (HRMPF&M). May and Finch's theory of normalization propelled this qualitative case study, which consisted of interviewing 23 purposively selected participants and examining secondary data from the N&MC, the Public Services Commission, HRMPF&M, other relevant legal documents, as well as relevant literature on the subject. The data analysis generated themes which were analyzed via inductive data analysis. The themes centered around effectively implementing the HRMPF&M to foster organizational change and the challenges surrounding the process. The findings revealed that participants believe the HRMPF&M improves human resources management and reduces staff litigation. This outcome aligns with the theory of normalization, which enhances the N&MCs incremental development of human resource tools. Implications for social change concern policy guidelines that the N&MC must develop to guide the council's decision-making. The HRMPF&M when revised may advance the continuous improvement of public-service delivery. In addition, the HRMPF&M can guide subregional organizations to develop similar manuals for their countries.