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Public Policy and Administration


Michael Brewer


Recent changes in government regulations and reimbursement policies threaten the financial viability and the ability of home health agencies to provide the necessary services. There is a gap in knowledge about the effect of the changes in healthcare policies on the administration of home health businesses in Illinois. The purpose of this study was to bridge the knowledge gap by investigating the effect of the regulatory and policy changes on home health administration in Illinois. The research question focused on the challenges that home health administrators face due to the changes in government regulation and reimbursement policies, and the strategies to cope with the changes. The institutional theory was used as the lens for understanding the topic of this study. A qualitative case study design was applied, which included document reviews and semi structured interviews of 12 purposeful sampled administrators from Medicare-certified home health agencies in the Chicago land area in Illinois. The data from the interviews were recorded, manually coded, and categorized into themes for analysis through a content analysis approach. Results showed consensus expressions of regulations and policies- related financial and compliance burden on home health administration with some innovations for improvement in the quality of care. The results can prompt lawmakers to hasten the lifting of unnecessary regulations for efficient and sustainable home health services administration in ensuring a healthy population. Easing the burden of regulations on home health businesses by removing unnecessary compliance requirements will help the home health administrators to respond to the healthcare needs of Medicare recipients.