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Human Services


Tina Jaeckle


Within 3 years of their release from the criminal justice system, almost 7 out of 10 released African American males go back to. There is limited social science research into how these ex-offenders perceive their lived experiences after release. The research questions that guided this inquiry related to understanding the post-prison experiences of African American males with a history of multiple incarcerations. The conceptual framework was guided by Tajfel’s social identity theory and Becker’s social reaction theory. Interviews were conducted with a purposeful sample of 6 African American males with a history of multiple incarcerations who had been released from prison 3 years or longer. Data were collected from interviews along with examining records and analyzed by coding and concept mapping using a phenomenological approach. Data analysis identified 10 emergent themes that represented participants’ attitudes, experiences, beliefs and perceptions. Understanding the experiences of these ex-offenders should contribute to positive social change by providing knowledge to criminal justice practitioners to assist in creating policies to meet the needs of this population by means of reentry, legal, vocational, and social services. Findings from this study could also provide valuable insights on reentry and intervention services for recently released individuals to help in their reintegration experiences.