Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Courtney S. Nyange


This project documented the evaluation of a voluntary patient falls prevention education

program (VPFPEP) of a rehabilitative facility in a Mid-Atlantic US state and ascertained

its sustainability. The project was designed using the customized Moore et al. evaluation

model and Lippitt’s planned theory of change to encourage patient engagement in

physical activity (PA) through fall prevention education to allay patients’ fear of falling.

The sample included patients who opted into the facility’s VPFPEP. Evaluation was

performed using run charts to visually and quantitatively monitor trends and patterns of

fall incidents over time. Run charts also facilitated comparison of injuries sustained from

falls, as a measure of clinical performance. Results showed that during program

implementation, the average yearly fall rates were consistently lower from 2016 to 2019

compared with 2014 and 2015 before the program (5.323 and 6.902 falls PTOPD): 2016

4.157 (22%); 2017-2.624 (51%); 2018-1.877 (65%); and 2019-1.374 (74%) falls PTOPD.

Findings suggest that the VPFPEP is resource-sustainable given the same resolve among

facility healthcare personnel, and comparable patient receptiveness of the program.

Recommendations include strengthening engagement and commitment of facility

personnel through professional development, support groups, linkages with relevant

agencies. Averting injury and saving lives from a preventable event promotes positive

social change through safe healthcare delivery. The project facilitates positive social

change through fall prevention efforts and education of high-risk fall patients to share

responsibility for their safety.