Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Cheryl McGinnis


Chronic asthma is a health epidemic and an increasing problem in the pediatric population. The purpose of this project was to raise nursing staff awareness of symptom recognition, treatment protocols, preventive measures, and detrimental effects of asthma for children. Adult learning theory provided the framework to support the staff education program on asthma. The project site stakeholders and the DNP student identified educational opportunities to assist staff in meeting caregiver needs, improving symptom recognition, and improving asthma outcomes. Prior to presentation of the educational program to the clinic nursing staff, it was reviewed by an expert panel including the clinic medical director, a pediatric pulmonologist, the clinic nursing director, and a pediatric nurse practitioner. The panel strongly agreed the educational program increased their knowledge of asthma and was applicable to the clinical setting and nursing staff. Six licensed RNs in the clinic participated in the asthma education program. The program was evaluated using a 5-point Likert-type questionnaire. Participants strongly agreed that the content of the asthma education program increased their knowledge, ability to identify early warning signs, and overall confidence in their clinical practice. By raising awareness of the asthma epidemic in children throughout the local communities, health care providers can make a difference in pediatric health related to asthma care, and may improve patient outcomes through caregiver knowledge to educate asthmatic children and their families.