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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Robert McWhirt


For decades, nurses have experienced some form of bullying and incivility throughout their careers. Incivility contributes to behaviors that constrain the sense of empowerment among nurses and directly encroach upon Provision 6 of the American Nurses Association code of ethics, which addresses sustaining a moral environment and the need to create a contagious culture of respect that is free from uncivil behavior. The nature of this staff education project was to bring awareness to the bullying behaviors and incivility that exist within an organization’s culture by assessing for the incidence of bullying and by providing an educational program for the nursing staff. The project question addressed whether continuing education, awareness, and focus on a mandated zero-tolerance policy could provide a foundation for a bullying-free and civil milieu in nursing staff on medical-surgical units. The use of Kotter’s change theory and Watson’s theory of human caring functioned cohesively to guide the transformation of a hostile milieu. The Nursing Incivility Scale was employed to collect data from nurse participants prior to, the pretest, educational initiative, posttest, and evaluation. The educational initiative was centered on awareness and training on the organizations workplace harassment policy. The data from the pretest and posttest were analyzed by calculating the change scores which reflected a 44.17% increase in awareness of the zero-tolerance policy. The findings support positive social change through recommended routine educational initiatives. The education must continue to promote awareness and prevention of uncivil behavior through cognitive rehearsal, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence training to enhance communication among nurses.

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