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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Cathleen Colleran-Santos


Current practice behaviors for obesity management have remained refractory. Research has shown that lack of time and poor training/skills by primary care providers has led to poor or absent obesity counseling in practice. The purpose of this intervention was to facilitate obesity counseling in a pediatric office by using an evidence-based model called the 5As model of behavioral change. Lewin's change theory was the framework for this project to help clinicians transition their practice to include the 5As model in practice. The project consisted of a 30-minute power point presentation that included 2 case samples demonstrating how the 5As would be applied to each scenario. A physician and two family nurse practitioners evaluated the program via an open-ended survey on their obesity approach and thoughts on the 5As model. The results showed 100% support for the 5As model. All 3 participants stated they would implement the 5As model into practice and had positive remarks on the simplicity of its application. To help prevent clinical inertia and combat childhood obesity providers' must be made aware of the latest evidence and recommendations available to them. Project such as this one serve to merge research into clinical practice. The long-term social implications of getting the 5As into practice can help the United States meet Healthy People 2020 objectives and promote preventive care.

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