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Health Services


Kourtney A. Nieves


The National Association of Adult Day Service Centers has suggested that adult day service centers can provide services to meet the complex needs of the older adult and delay nursing home placement. Researchers have yet been able to establish the predictive nature of determinants of health in Adult Day Care Centers (ADSCs). The purpose of this correlational study was to examine the relationship between the determinants of health and the presence of therapeutic services and nursing services at ADSCs. The open system theory guided this study. Data sets from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016 Adult Day Services Center Questionnaire were used. The research questions examined how well variables related to determinants of health predicts the likelihood that therapeutic services and nursing services are provided at ADSCs. The results from this binomial logistic regression analysis indicated that certain determinants of health (type of model, number of clients served, and the funding type) play a significant role in whether an ADSCs will provide therapeutic or nursing services from a systems theory perspective. These findings may have implications for social change in the areas of increased awareness about services and programs available at ADSCs in consumers, caregivers, case managers, and policymakers. The dissemination of the study may also guide provision of therapeutic and nursing services in ADSCs to better meet the complex needs of the older adult population.