Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Carole Pearce


At a large university on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada, there was an influx of students entering the nursing program. Therefore, the need arose for an updated, restructured, and professional development training guideline with current knowledge for nurse educators to achieve high quality learning and critical thinking. The purpose of this study was to explore professional development leaders’ perceptions of quality training guidelines for nurse educators. The conceptual framework of this study was Knowles’s adult learning theory. The research questions were centered on what professional leaders perceive to be quality professional development. A qualitative case study design was used in which interview data were collected from 5 volunteer participants. NVivo was used to transcribe and code the data. The interview passages were analyzed and categorized for common themes related to professional development. The study findings indicated quality professional development should encompass relevant learner-centered instruction on best practices and collaboration among learners and between learners and facilitators, and it should be supported by administration. The study project resulted in a 3-day, 8 hours a day train-the-trainer workshop for professional leaders. This research may contribute to positive social change and local application by providing the study setting with the knowledge needed to develop quality teaching and learning strategies for nurse educators, enhance best practices, create networking, and prepare educators for future career pursuit.