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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Diane Whitehead


Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is essential from cost and treatment perspectives. In 2017, costs associated with diabetes management in the United States amounted to approximately $327 billion. The treatment of T2DM has been in a dynamic state for the past several years with the arrival of new classes of medications and new data supporting the use of diabetes medications to reduce risks from cardiovascular disease and slow the decline of renal function. This project explored the current evidence on treatment of T2DM to support changing either the flow of the current protocol algorithm or the medications identified in the algorithm. Current evidence and guidelines for the treatment of T2DM were reviewed and critically appraised using the levels of evidence for prognostic studies guideline. Knowles’s theory of adult learning guided this project. Current evidence supported the recommendation to maintain the current protocol algorithm. A 2-member expert panel AGREE II tool review revealed their support of the current protocol. The expert panel indicated strong agreement with 98% of the items and agreement with the remaining 2%. The recommendation to continue the protocol algorithm was presented to the diabetes council. Treating T2DM patients using the most current recommendations can support improved quality of life for patients and families. Decision-making authority by nurse-led groups such as the diabetes council will promote positive social change within the organization.

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