Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Joanna Karet


The purpose of this study was to understand adult learners’ and instructors’ perceptions of the andragogical instructional method used at a Northern Mississippi Community College. In addition, this study explored how well the andragogical instructional method worked as a way to educate adult learners. A qualitative phenomenological design was used to examine the perceptions of six returning full-time adult learners and six full-time instructors regarding the use and impact of the andragogical instructional method via purposeful sampling. Data was collected by face-to-face interviews. Through the participants’ shared experiences and reviewing the interview transcripts, several themes emerged regarding their perceptions of the andragogical instructional method. The common themes that influenced student success of the returning full-time adult learners were blending, support, and institutional fit. Full-time instructors identified sharing and engagement as being the success of the returning adult learners. With these findings, it was recommended that a professional development workshop be created to train instructors regarding this instructional method as a means of enhancing instructors’ understanding of the andragogical instructional method and provide helpful tools and resources. The emergent themes in this study not only necessitate the need for future research but also provide needed insight for institutional leaders to understand returning full-time adult learners’ perceptions of the andragogical instructional method. This research study may assist and benefit instructors to gain the knowledge and expertise to excel positively and socially chage from practicing a teacher-centered approach versus the andragogical instructional method.