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Dr. Kathleen Brewer


In 2016, the targeted temperature management (TTM) nursing protocol was updated and implemented at a large hospital in South Carolina. Development of a comprehensive evaluation program became a priority project due to reports that 75% of TTM cases during a 2-year period did not meet national benchmarks for quality and safe care for TTM patients. Therefore, this project answered the questions about whether the development, implementation, and standardization of ongoing TTM education would bridge the gap between knowledge and practice (transference of education). The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the education program launched regarding TTM in meeting specific course objectives. Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation and the Donna Wright Competency Assessment model were used to guide educational development, assessment, and evaluation. Sources of evidenced included the American Heart Association’s 2015 postcardiac arrest recommendations in conjunction with evidenced-based practice research obtained using Walden University’s library. Analytic strategies such as gap analysis and benchmarking were used in this project. The results from Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation as it applies to TTM education suggest a positive impact on patient care. It is recommended that TTM programs have a consistent well-developed education implementation plan, including a sustainable evaluation plan, for ongoing assessments and continued improvements. Implications for nursing practice and positive social change include increased bedside skill practice, improved patient care through benchmark reporting, improved patient outcomes, and increased awareness of the success of TTM.

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