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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Robert L. McWhirt


Congestive heart failure is a global, chronic, progressive, and debilitating disease affecting mostly older adults. The multiple complications associated with the health issue led to readmissions and markedly reduced ability of heart failure (HF) patients to perform the self-care management of the problem. Nurses are responsible for providing a standardized quality education for patients; however, nurses at the project site lacked adequate skills and knowledge to bridge the gap in HF self-care management education. The project was guided by health belief model and self-care deficit with the goal of boosting the staff knowledge and confidence with providing patient HF self-care management strategies. The purpose of this project was to develop a staff in-service education program on HF for nurses in an outpatient practice. After review from an expert panel, a PowerPoint presentation with discussion was presented. Seven participants completed the 10-question pretest and 8 participants completed the 10-question on the posttest. Pretest responses ranged from 71.4 % (n = 5) to 85.7 % correct (n = 6). Posttest responses ranged from 87.5 % correct (n = 7) to 100% (n = 8). Results from the staff exit surveys indicated that the 8 participants agreed, or strongly agreed to the project planning, execution, and leadership. This staff education program will promote positive social change in the organization and improved quality of life for patients and families.