Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Peter Kiriakidis


Volunteers are needed for community educational outreach programs (EOP). Though the

research site is a local university where EOP programs are offered to the community,

EOP administrators are experiencing difficulties in recruiting volunteers who can deliver

EOP workshops. The purpose of this basic qualitative study was to understand the

experiences of EOP administrators recruiting volunteers in order to maintain the EOP

program. The conceptual framework was the social identity theory by Tajfel regarding

organizational management of volunteers. The research question was about the

recruitment experiences of EOP administrators regarding volunteers who facilitate

educational programs. The sample was 10 purposefully selected EOP administrators who

recruit volunteers. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews with open-ended

questions that were audio recorded. Data were analyzed using open and axial coding for

emergent themes. The findings included strategies to recruit volunteers in urban areas. A

3-day professional training was developed with strategies for recruiting volunteers.

Positive social change may occur by using the findings to recruit volunteers for the EOP

program to provide adult education programs to local communities.