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Public Health


Kimberly Dixon-Lawson


The growing prevalence of hypertension is a global public health problem. Lifestyle modification is the first-line best practice for the management of hypertension, however there is not enough focus on healthcare professionals’ competencies in managing hypertension in Nigeria. The perspectives of Community Pharmacists (CPs) about promotion of lifestyle modification (PLM) among adults with hypertension have not been explored in Nigeria though they play an essential role in healthcare in the community. This phenomenological study was conducted to document the experiences of CPs about PLM by using in-depth interviews. Social cognitive theory and the health promotion model were used as frameworks to guide the development of the interview questions and interpretation of findings. The knowledge, experiences, and barriers to the practice of PLM by 12 CPs were explored and answers provided to 3 research questions focused on their perspectives about the phenomenon and practice of PLM, and developing a practice protocol for PLM in adults with hypertension. From a thematic analysis of transcribed data, 10 categories of themes evolved to capture the perspectives and experiences of CPs about PLM in hypertension. The themes involved in the practice of PLM by CPs are cognitive factors, contextual factors, self-efficacy, and strategies. A practice protocol was developed that can serve as a guide to CPs while promoting lifestyle modification among adults with hypertension. This can promote social change along with future studies recommended to be carried out in other areas of Lagos State and other States of Nigeria, so the protocol can become standardized for use by all CPs in Nigeria.