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Karin Treiber


Teacher learning, whether in-service, continued education, or experience based, is a key component of school reform. Specific research on the use of teacher learning to improve student achievement and instructional practices in and across schools is limited. The research questions addressed in this study were: (a) the degree to which teacher learning is disseminated throughout a school organization to improve student learning and instructional practices, and (b) differences and similarities in the dissemination of teacher learning between schools. Watkins and Marsick's learning organization theory, Senge's system theory, and Dewey's constructivist learning theory were used as the theoretical framework. A variation of Watkins and Marsick's Dimensions of the Learning Organization Questionnaire was administered to a random sample of public school teachers. Descriptive statistics and general linear model analyses were used to assess the dissemination of teacher learning across individual, team and organizational levels, and between school levels and locations. Findings indicated the dissemination of teacher learning is inconsistent at the individual, team, and organizational levels of learning, with no significant differences across school levels and locations. The findings inform social change through the increased use of effective strategies to improve the dissemination of teacher learning, instruction practices, and student achievement across and between schools in the state in which this study was conducted.