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Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)


Business Administration


Carol-Anne Faint


Human resources leaders (HRLs) who fail to embrace employee innovation are at risk of

jeopardizing the organization's competitive advantage. Organizational leadership and

employees stand to benefit from innovation, as employee innovation can aid in

establishing a competitive advantage and survivability. Grounded in the transformational

leadership conceptual framework, the purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was

to explore employee engagement strategies HRLs use to increase innovation. The

participants included 5 HRLs at small human resource management firms in the northeast

area of the United States who used engagement strategies to increase innovation. Data

were collected from interviews with the HRLs, company websites, and social media

pages. A thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. Four themes emerged: cross

team assessment, communication tools, measurement tools, and recognition strategies.

The application of the findings from this study could contribute to positive social change

by providing insights for HRLs on employee engagement strategy implementation for

talent retention that increases workplace stability and employees supporting their families

as well as contributing positively to their communities.