Date of Conferral



Doctor of Information Technology (D.I.T.)


Information Systems and Technology


Gail Miles


Information technology (IT) employee retention is essential to IT departments tasked with supporting the goals and objectives of the organization. IT employees manage, support, and direct IT to drive business, pursue innovation, and create a competitive edge. The purpose of this qualitative exploratory multiple case study was to identify strategies that IT managers use to retain IT employees in order to support the goals and objectives of the IT organization. The population for this study consisted of 5 IT managers in the transportation industry. The IT managers selected for this study had subordinates and delegation duties and worked for employers with offices in Memphis, Tennessee. Organizational learning theory formed the foundation of this study as the conceptual framework. Semistructured interviews were conducted with 5 IT managers to gain insight into their experiences using retention strategies for IT employees. A review of 13 organizational documents and member checking of interview transcripts supported the validity of the findings of this study. Four significant themes appeared through methodological triangulation: communicate with executive management, create career opportunities, place employees in appropriate job roles, and address the needs of IT employees. The findings of this study may benefit IT managers in retaining IT employees to shape IT for organizational success. The findings may contribute to social change by informing strategies to support healthier IT employees who are motivated and committed to their organization. Healthier people can promote healthier communities, resulting in a society with a longer lifespan and fewer occurrences of disease and illness. The findings may also be adapted to support organizations' overall retention strategy.