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Ed Naggiar


This research study is focused on understanding the phenomenology of happiness of High Performing Teachers (HPT) working in an elementary school located in a Midwest City. The purpose of the study was to understand positive and negative emotions of HPT, through their experiences at work and home. Qualitative methodology through in-depth interviews was employed for this study. Tomkins' affect theory of happiness (ATH), was used to assess and explore positive and negative emotions of participants of the study. In this study a purposeful sample of 11 participants that work in elementary school located in a Midwest City, participated in in-depth, face-to face interviews. Results of this study based on experiences of HPT show that positive experiences such as relaxing time at home, spending time with family members they felt make them happy. To understand negative emotions, most of participants indicated that anxiety; inappropriate interactions with others at work site, and financial issues are the main negative experiences that impact their performance. Overall, most of HPT felt happy in life; however, results show that they are happier at home. This study brought new knowledge about positive and negative emotions and the importance for public organizations about improving staff interactions that may impact the contribution to performing better as teachers.