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Janet Strickland


Low participation of racially ethnic minority youth in snow sports activities may be caused by racism through structural and symbolic factors. The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experiences of teachers from school-based programs and resort ski school programs as well as coaches from afterschool club and community-based organizations regarding the structural and symbolic influences on the participation of racially ethnic minority youth in snow sports. Using critical race theory as the conceptual framework, a qualitative, phenomenological inquiry was centered on the experiences of racially ethnic minority youth related to potential racism in structural and symbolic factors regarding participating in snow sports activities. Participants were selected by a purposeful, homogenous sampling strategy, and data were collected from semistructured interviews of the 12 participants. Data were analyzed through the use of NVivo12 to search for codes, categories, and themes related to racism and the structural and symbolic factors that influence racially ethnic minority youth participation in snow sports activities. The findings of this study help bring an increased understanding of why there continues to be a lack of racially ethnic minority youth in snow sports through themes, such as exposure and access, cultural representation, and racism, which may be useful to schools, resorts, clubs, and similar organizations who educate youth and promote snow sports activities. The results of this study may help bring about positive social change by supporting culturally responsive practices throughout the snow sports industry, which aim to provide fair, equitable, and inclusive opportunities for racially ethnic minority groups to participate in snow sports.

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