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Stephen Rice


Divorce is a persistent problem resulting in mental anguish in the divorcing parties as well as children who may be involved. The purpose of this quantitative, non-experimental correlational study was to determine whether personality traits and military service predict the tendency of married individuals to separate or divorce. The framework for this study was Erikson's 8 stages of psychosocial development. The research questions addressed whether personality traits (as measured by the HEXACO-60), service in the military, gender, age, and number of children predict the tendency to separate or divorce in 89 participants. Findings from multiple regression analysis indicated that scores of the HEXACO-60 dimensions were not statistically different from each other, suggesting the need for further investigation into the nature of the measurement of the constructs or the relationship with an overall personality as measured by the HEXACO-60. Non-significant pairs may indicate low discrimination between the constructs being measured. Results also indicated that the correlation between HEXACO-60 personality score and the tendency to separate or divorce was inconclusive. However, results suggested that longevity in service and bringing children into a marriage may predict the tendency to separate or divorce. Findings may be used to assist social services professionals in mitigating the problems caused by separation and divorce.